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You have worked hard to save for your retirement. Income Annuity Pros acts as a broker with access to many of the best Insurance companies. We will always put your needs first.

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Income Annuities provide Income you can not outlive.

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Help control your retirement income with your choice of growth and protection options. From the very beginning, you’re in control. Feel assured that no matter which crediting strategy you choose, your principal is protected. Know that you’ll never lose what you’ve earned. Access your money or take income when you want.

THE POWER OF ZERO – The indexed accounts are designed to help bridge the gap between risk and reward by providing the Power of Zero.

THE POWER OF ZERO – When the index is negative during an indexed term, the lowest your account can be credited is 0%.

GROWTH POTENTIAL – The potential for your account to receive credit increases with positive index performance.

GAINS LOCKED IN – Since the indexed accounts never earn a negative interest rate, you never have to recover from losses before seeing additional positive growth if the index rebounds.

HIGH GUARANTEES – Income options up to 7%


  • 100% participation in the index means higher returns.
  • The interest is credited and compounded daily. A spread is applied to your growth (currently 1.2%).
  • After a one-year term, the beginning and ending values of the S&P 500® Daily Risk Control 5% Index are calculated for a percentage change.
  • If the change is positive, your account is credited the full percentage change minus a spread of 1.2%.
  • If the result is zero or negative, your account is protected from loss but no interest will be credited. Gains from any previous periods will remain intact.

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Who are we?

Income Annuity Pros is a privately owned L.L.C. The founder has 30+ years of experience as annuity specialist and Financial Adviser.

Why do business with us?

The founder was CEO and President of an accounting firm for 20 years and provided investment services to all of his income tax clients. This combination of financial and accounting expertise was an advantage for recommending the right fit of investment vehicles for everyone.

Who can you trust?

Trust is not inherent and has to be earned. Income Annuity Pros was created to give the public someone to turn to at a time where mistakes can be costly. Our focus is on guiding you to make the right decision.

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We are here to help you. Our customer service team has the experience to help and is here for you long after your initial investment.

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Without happy customers, no business can succeed. Our low key approach combined with our highly trained employees is our key to growing. You will not be left without the support of our company.

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